Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Wow, there is so much to say about Japan... You can pretty much find anything in a vending machine (we bought some ice cream), we have heated toilet seats (which are great in the middle of the night!), and everyone dresses so cute!
I'm really excited about the second-hand and 100 yen stores; low prices for great stuff!
I've been having difficulty with the lightswitches, though. They're all located outside of the rooms, so I always forget to turn on the light before I enter.
Another great Japanese thing: heated mirrors. I always hated having to wipe the mirror off after a shower, because it fogs right back up anyways. That is a problem no more!
The house we live in is pretty traditional: no shoes inside, there's even a cute entryway where you leave your shoes.
But HO-LY jet lag. We just about faint around 5 o'clock and then wake up at three.

There are lots of great things I have yet to see, so I'll keep you posted!
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Just over a week...

... and I'll be off! Making my merry way to the country of the rising sun. I can't wait! However, I'm exceedingly nervous, but there's not much I can do but my best.
I really want to learn the coreography for "Sorry, Sorry" by Super Junior...
And I need to practice the Thriller before I forget it.
Anyways, gotta go to work now, so I'll be posting again soon!