Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Takko Town Festival

Wow. I really haven't updated for about two months now. I'm such a horrible person! Boo hoo. Anyways, I'm really excited about Halloween and fall in general here in Japan.
I've been to a lot of different places here in Japan, my most recent adventure took me all the way to Takko garlic/beef festival. It smelled really good.
I bought myself some chocolate-covered bananas. The flavor was extremely mild. I was kind of disappointed, but hey, it was all for the experience. They had lots of open barbecue grills where you could cook your food outside and all around. There weren't very many stalls: a game or two, some bananas, steak, and most importantly garlic. The garlic queen was there all the way from Gilroy, CA, and she performed a couple of songs.
After that, we stopped at the Towada mall. I bought lots and lots of goodies, the larger portion of my time was spent in the Daiso(where else?). I bought myself a loud, annoying alarm clock so that my uncle doesn't have to wake me up every morning.
Well, I'll hopefully get some photos and some even better updates online soon!